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Founder of Vimersio

Born in Tangier, Morocco.
Hanane moved to France at the age of 18.

From a young age, she showed a strong interest in arts and culture. After completing her secondary education, she joined a preparatory class for prestigious art schools, nurturing her passion for visual arts...

Subsequently, she underwent specialized professionnal filmmaking education, that equipped her with the technical and artistic skills necessary to work in the film industry: Production and post-production.

Alongside her studies at the Faculty of Political Science at the University Statale of Milan, she worked as an interpreter (French-Italien-Arabic) untill she had to discontinue her university program to find the answers to her professional expectations.

Hanane then, held the position of Business Director at a prestigious art gallery and auction house in Casablanca.

After years of several experiences, in 2012, she founded her first company, with an innovative project centered around the concept of "videomenu".

However, at that time, the project was ahead of its time and couldn't materialize. Self-taught and with the support of customized training, she mastered the technical and social aspects of UX design and technology, within a few months of learning. Very attracted to AI and how this new technology can help people communicate better and simplify challenging and inaccessible tasks, it was until 2022 that the project could be relaunched in a different and improved form, utilizing artificial intelligence to create 360-degree videos automatically and instantaneously. Hanane established a new startup called Vimersio to implement this groundbreaking idea.

In less than five months since its inception, Vimersio managed to secure its first pre-seed investment (HWA Holding) showcasing the interest generated by this promising startup.

Within less than a year of existence, the company is preparing to launch its first Viabot into the market, marking a significant milestone in the commercialization of this innovative technology.

Hanane Sanoussi Geyer has combined her passion for art, her filmmaking and post-producing background, her skills in language and intercultural mediation, and her innovative mindset to create a promising startup in the field of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

By: Z. Massoudi

It all started in
a little garage...

"In 2013 ! I was a young and lonely dreamer ... Today, we are a freshly growing start-up, made by inspiring people. Our motto: Work with passion and get up early

When I was a child, I witnessed rare moments when my mother did what we call today, Batchcooking." Head of a small artisan business that took all of her energy and time... (she used to manage 20 artisans from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m....) I loved to spend time with her and observe her on Sundays, when she would cook with crazy passion, as if to atone for something (passion is the right word indeed). It was her moment, she was baking us at least 5 or 6 cakes for the week! My dad is the king cooking Moroccan "tagines"! he did it with grace and happiness while talking to me about Kandinsky and Rumi... Watching him cook me an egg, or make me a toasted cornmeal smoothie, has always been a moment that I cherish a lot.

Watching someone cook is very relaxing and pleasent to me. That's what makes me think that we all have a little memory of someone who cooked for us at least once, putting all their love into the process. Today, I continue to believe that there is something extraordinary in gastronomy. Nowadays, ordering online and eating quickly has become a habbit. We have gradually lost the pleasure of taking the time to observe the gestures and the process of seeing a meal come to life and taking the time to enjoy it. I left my family at a very young age, going into exile 5000 kilometers to the North... What often comes to my mind are those dear moments of beloved culinary sharing. videomenu is an idea that dates back to 10 years! If it has kept all of its place in my mind and heart, it is certainly because there is a transcending aspect. Stronger than innovation and ego! There is the love that was brought to me and which was expressed at some point, through cooking"

Hanane Geyer Sanoussi - Founder & c.e.o


Becoming a company with values...

Immersion videomenu Becomes VIMERSIO

We filed for the Patent of Viabot®

Our participation at the SIRHA (One of the biggest international hospitality and food exhibitions) is a real success thanks to our innovative and eco-friendly business model !

We also opened our first office in Strasbourg and became member of the CCIFS (France-Switzerlande Commerce chamber).


The Starting-up

Vimersio S.A.S becomes a start-up, committed to improving customer experience and consolidating a trustful relationship between professionals and customers, in the hotel and gastronomic catering sector.

Our 2013'th concept becomes a mission, carried out by the French-Tech network, since August 2022.

We made it in 1 year

In only 3 months of real existance, We met our 1st Business partner (HWA  Holding) who became associate and commercial developper in the French territory.


New concept was born

"Created in France, the videomenu enables diners to make better decisions about their meal, therefore, potentially improving their experience and leading to an increase in return visits..."

GDR Uk Intelligence mag - 2013


"With videos showing the preparation of each item available upon tapping the option. The visual menu enables customers to make better decisions about their meal (...) helping traditionally text-based communications, benefit from more visual and interactive forms. Could this be the future for food and drink venues?"

YAHOO! Small business advisor - 2013

We are the first creator of VIDEOMENU®!

Our trademark was also presented like Livmenu. They were already talking about it in 2013