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Small Team and Big dreams...

Innovation is our daily game. We create the futur of video-making... and we're having fun !

Love for new technologies...
Love for people

Soft Management

Showing initiative is valued. Status is not that important to Vimersio: job title, age or seniority don't affect the real value of our people... We are "One" and we value the team

Passion for Innovation

Vimersio has faith in innovation and technology. At the same time, we are proudly Artists and humans before all ! Our job is to help people share the best of themselves.


Our company guarantees the repairability and recyclability of Viabot. Each Viabot is made and assembled in France and we manage every stage of its lifetime.

Dignity and equity

Workplace equity starts by closing racial and gender gaps in employee pay. We promote Key initiatives that make Vimersio a place of equality, openness, and belonging.

In the center of the french Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, our office is a work place of equity and well-being.

Meet Our Team

Luciana Arriaga Bes.


Hanane Geyer San.

Founder & c.e.o

Benoît Pannetier

Artificial Intelligence

Philippe Walter

Associate Partner (Walter)

Christophe Geyer

Financial consulting

Raphaël Romo D.F.

France Biz.Dev. (Walter)

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