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par vimersio

more than
a kit ...

Save time and money

360° videos of your menus in few seconds...

Automatic editing

The best shots brought together to form your final video.

Instant processing

No transfer is necessary. The work is immediate!

Multifuncional use

Adapted scenarios and multiple sharing functionalities

Add life to your menus
make them eager to taste


Offer a new experience

The 360° views of your dishes in 7 seconds, to offer and entice with complete transparency...

Camera Filter

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Store and retrieve your media.

Fast editing

The videos are cut, and the best shots are assembled automatically and instantly.

Free storage

To host all your media and download them in multiple formats... for free.

Built With Your Needs
in Mind

Minimalist design eliminates the superfluous replacing many accessories.

All in one concept

A single tool for three functions: Shooting, Editing, and Sharing.

Video-menu innovation

With ViaBot®, create unlimited video menus in few seconds.

For everyone !

Available for long or short-term rental and also for sale


French-Additive manufacturing, using 100% recycled materials.

Minimalist design

The Minimalist design for easy-use, replaces many accessories.

Educational purpose

Perfectly adapted to educational and informative purpose

Video Manager

Video manager

Our video editing software (by vimersio®) specially designed to facilitate video editing without any technical knowledge. Here, you can easily edit, manage, publish and store video-content along with videomenus.

Videomenu® App

instantly manage and modify your ROOMEO online menu - our dynamic application where your customers can browse realistic and 360° videos of your menu.

Room-service software

Directly publish and manage your Ordering application included in our "ROOMEO" packages. This will enable the customers to order directly from their room or anywhere before Checking-in.

Latest event!

Vimersio exposed at the  AGECOTEL Nice


at NICE- France ,  February 4th to 6th, 2024...

We think, that nothing can replace a Video call with a real human being. You have any issue or misunderstanding with your VIABOT? or any technical or administrative question before ordering? Now, you can book a Visio-Call with an administrator, in order to resolve it !