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The 1st solution, to create 360° videos in full autonomy...

100% automatic all-in-one system for quickly, filming, editing and sharing video-content, to enhance your business...

... it works this way

All you have to do is to work in front of the camera, and VIABOT will create the best [reels], out of the best shots... You can share your video directly on your social medias using our [Ai] text generator !

Video manager

Our video editing software (by vimersio®) specially designed to facilitate video editing without any technical knowledge. Here, you can easily edit, manage, publish and store video-content along with videomenus.

Videomenu® App

Your videomenus on display and accessible through our dynamic application where your customers can browse realistic and 360° videos of your menu.

Room-service software

Directly publish each video on our Videomenu Ordering application included in our "Category2" packages. This will enable the customers to order directly from their room or anywhere before Checking-in.

Viabot® patent filed on December 2022


Your 1st automatic video content creator, is here to help film videos at 360°. Viabot® does not require any technical knowledge. Our concept is to bring you an easy-to-use solution, saving you Time & Money!

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VIMERSIO is represented by WALTER Ets, in GERMANY, AUSTRIA and Five french Regions in some cases ... Discover if you are concerned !

Reinvent your content, with professional videos


Discover how to use ViaBot® system and make the most of the benefits of vimersio, as a Chef, Restaurant manager, Community manager in catering or gastronomic business!

Hôtels, Cruises & more...

Discover how Vimersio can enhance your gastronomic proposition and increase your business ...  Thanks to all the possibilities it offers to Hospitality, cruises, luxury catering and more

Visio Contact

We sincerly think, that nothing can replace a Vidéo call with a real human being. You have any issue or misunderstanding with your VIABOT? or any technical or administrative question before ordering? Now, you can book a Visio-Call with our Administrator in order to resolve it !

The Best way to create
360° professional videos

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